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Manifesting and Healing – What do they have in common?

Updated: Feb 8

The first step

It’s fundamental to understand that the first step in manifesting our dreams or healing our pain is to understand where our thoughts are coming from. It’s said we have over 60,000 thoughts a day. Really? Where do they all come from?

Core – Many of our thoughts come from core thoughts. These are thoughts we are consciously aware of. Thought such as, “Not being good enough,” Could come from remembering what our mother told us when we were young. Always knowing love awaits at your grandmother’s could be that you think of her house as a safe haven. You are aware of where these kinds of thoughts come from.

Genetic – These are thoughts we inherit from our ancestors. Not only do we inherit the way we look, we inherit the way we think. Have you thought, “I worry just like my Uncle Joe” or “I’m interested in aliens just like my cousin, Billy?” These thoughts are genetically inherited just like our blue eyes, brown hair or skin color.

History – These kinds of thoughts are a little more complicated. Have you ever had thoughts about ancient Rome or Atlantis and then read a book or watched a movie that revealed what you were thinking was reality? You know that your thought doesn’t come from something you’ve previously read or seen, but you just know that you know. These thoughts could be genetic if you have direct lineage or they could be thoughts from your soul’s journey, i.e. past lives. On this level, many times is where negative thought forms come from that we can’t explain or don’t understand.

Soul – These are deep meaningful thoughts. These can take on the form of being compelled to change the world in a positive way, big or small. It can mean having thoughts to create a new way of doing something that is easier, more inclusive, less costly, etc. These are many times thoughts associated with lessons that the soul has come into this incarnation to learn.

So, how do we heal? We must heal on all levels simultaneously. This is a lot easier than it may seem because the first step is awareness. Once we are aware, then all we need to do is release and allow for healing to take place on all 4 levels.

Focused Prayer is the Answer!

I like to use a prayer for releasing and allowing. I have found the below prayer to be effective in shifting energy and healing on all 4 levels. Feel free to use it and share it. Please use your own language and terms regarding the Higher Entity you are addressing:

1. Set your intention. Be clear about what you want to shift.

Start out by placing your hands on your heart. This gets you out of your head and into your heart where healing can occur.

2. Address a Higher Being, your Higher Self. You can substitute what is comfortable for you in place of what I say. I use Creator of All That Is or Dear Sweet Spirit. You can use what is comfortable for you, i.e., Mother Father God, Creative Intelligence, The Thing Itself

3. Say out loud – Creator of All There Is, I release to you all the times in this lifetime and in past lifetimes, __________________. (You can also add) I ask that this energy pattern be released to its spiritual evolution for the best and highest good and benefit of everyone concerned.

4.Imagine a black cloud leaving your body or feel anything that no longer serves you releasing and returning to Source, to God, to Divine Intelligence. Breathe deeply while doing this.

5.With your hands still on your heart, address your Higher Power again. Use your own words in place of Creator of All There Is if it feels better to you.

6. Say out loud, Creator of All There Is, I allow in, __________________________________________. (The opposite of what you are releasing. If in doubt, you can always grace in unconditional love)

7. I then imagine golden light from above dropping down inside your head. It’s as if a light switch has been turned on. Allow this light to illuminate you from the inside out, all the way to your toes and into Mother Earth. Take deep breaths while focusing on the golden light.

8. Always give thanks for the shift in energy.

Be sure to do both parts, release and allow. This makes sure there is not a void created.

You can use this prayer for anxiety, worry, frustration, feelings of sadness, feelings of lack, relationship issues, health, etc. You can release the energy and allow the energy. It is truly in your hands by setting your intention.

If you feel stuck, schedule a session with Melissa. There are other techniques that can be used to release limiting thoughts that keep you from manifesting your desire and help you heal.

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