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Melissa Alexis Jacobsen

Melissa has been studying metaphysics and spirituality for over 35 years. As a Psychic, Medium and Akashic Records professional she is able to connect on a very deep level. Her sessions gently guide you through a revealing, empowering and transformational journey that identifies blocks that keep you stuck. Once blocks are identified or hurts uncovered, Melissa then uses tools which use the theta brain wave to release old beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve and replace them with empowering new beliefs. She stays connected to Divine Source for the highest and best good of all involved. Messages may be revealed through Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides, past lives and loved ones who have already made their transition. She has been certified by New Age Ministries International (NAMI) as an Intuitive (Psychic) Practitioner after completing extensive course work and demonstration of psychic abilities. Feel refreshed, lighter and empowered after the session. Melissa’s greatest joy is helping others close the illusionary gap of being separate from the Divine.

Spirit is always with us!

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