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Can Coins be Dropped from Heaven?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Have you ever found coins in unusual places? Have coins appeared out of nowhere?

Both of my parents have transitioned across the veil and I know they send me signs all the time. Dimes come from my father and pennies from my mother.

Pennies from my Mother, Dimes from my Father

Pennies started over 40 years ago after my mother passed. In the weirdest places I would find pennies. Like the time I was hiking in Colorado with my two dogs. We’d hiked for several miles without a sign of another human being. Alone with nature.

When we reached out destination, a beautiful mountain lake, we took a few minutes to relax and drink in the beauty. Such a quiet, serene spot.

Feeling refreshed, we started our hike back down the mountain. April, my older, very hyper Golden in front leading the way and Lizzie, my full figured, mother-like Golden bringing up the rear. About a mile back down, I noticed something shiny on the trail. It was a bright penny. It hadn’t been covered by dirt or debris. It’s as if someone or something had just dropped it there right in front of me. There is no way I would have missed it on the hike up, it simply wasn’t there. I felt my mother’s presence surround me like a warm blanket and I knew she was with me on my hike.

Being Aware – Listen Inside to Know

After my dad passed, dimes started showing up. Several times on a sidewalk or on a counter top, silently and mysteriously appearing. My dad like coins and he especially loved dimes. While in the physical, he would talk about their characteristics and size. He loved them.

When we listen from within, signs will begin to manifest in the physical. We will know when something like coins, show up for us.

What’s odd, is that a few nights ago, a nickel dropped from the heavens…literally. I had returned home from the grocery story and had dropped my car key into one of the bags. I set all 3 paper bags on the ground when I heard a clanging sound on the pavement behind me. There it was, a nickel still bouncing out of nowhere!

Being Skeptical

Being skeptical, I looked around to see if someone was playing a trick on me, but no one was around. At first I thought, who could this be from? The answer wasn’t readily available. So later that night, I went within and meditated on it. I’m still not sure. It’s been narrowed down to a male entity; either my brother or my uncle. I know the clear answer will come when the time is right.

Learn to be Patient

This is a good lesson in learning to listen and to be patient. We don’t always get the answers when we want them, but we do get them when we need them! Many times they come in pieces and may not make sense at the time. Our job is to have faith that it will all come together. I know that soon, another nickel will be found or drop out of the sky and the mystery will reveal itself. My job is to remain open and objective and delight in the experience!

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