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Abandoned Choices

Updated: Feb 8

It’s customary at the end of the year to reflect on the previous year and make resolutions for the coming year. If you’re like me, I either make too many resolutions or make resolutions that really don’t resonate with me. They are the “I should do this” or the “I need to do this” kinds of decisions.

This year, I’ve decided to reflect on abandoned choices. These are choices I’ve made in the past that really helped me on my path, whether it was my spiritual path, my emotional path, my physical path, etc. These are those choices and actions that resulted in a happier me and yet at some point, I just stopped doing them.

For example, I love yoga! Before the pandemic, you could regularly find me at the local yoga studio getting my fix on. Even after the pandemic started, I continued my practice with a subscription to a yoga studio. And then, I just stopped. But why?

I could make excuses like, “I get so much more out of my practice by going to the studio.” Or, “It’s such a pain to do this alone.” When in reality, I was not following my inner bliss. I was letting something external pull me off course. Something that was a distraction.

Now, distractions can be tricky because they appear real. The distraction to watch mindless TV or eat something that doesn’t promote my health, sound good, in the moment, but don’t really serve me. So, the bottom line is this; I’m going to revisit my abandon choices and begin again. I’m going to do those things that I’ve already chosen and have a proven track record with me. Now I’m not going crazy and making a million choices, that’s not realistic and that’s where we can get stuck sometimes. I’m re-examining past choices and choosing a few. Keep in mind, your choices should be manageable. Changing one thing effectively over a period of time, is much more effective than doing a hundred things one time.

When I practice my yoga, I feel in tune with my body, my spirit and so incredibly centered. Abandoning the choice to practice yoga makes me wonky for sure. And, wonky for me is not a good thing…at all! In the new year, I’m choosing yoga because I like the way it makes me feel and the clear head it gives me. I’m also choosing to add more art into my life both by creating and observing. Art makes me happy.

I invite you to revisit abandoned choices and choose again those things that make you happy. Here are some of the areas that you might revisit and choose again:

  • Spirituality

  • Movement

  • Education

  • Creativity

  • Health/Wellbeing

  • Connectivity

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