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Are You Worthy?

Updated: Feb 8

Throughout my career, when working with clients, especially during a Theta Belief Session, being worthy comes up. Somewhere in our history most of us have felt unworthy.

Four Levels of Healing

History can be a complicated aspect to go through and that’s why working with the theta brain wave, we can heal on all four levels; Core, History, Genetic, Soul.

The Core level is right here, right now. It is what we remember in this lifetime. It could be remembering harsh words from a parent or teacher of not being worthy enough to have something or be something.

The History level is past lives. We don’t need to consciously remember them in order for them to affect us or our thinking. Their memory can be stuck in our cells, our DNA.

The Genetic level is what we inherit from our ancestors. We might feel drawn to a certain part of the world only to find that our great grandmother lived there. This memory is passed down through our DNA just like we might inherit blue eyes from our parents.

The Soul level is why we came to this lifetime in the first place. Yes, that’s right, it’s the lessons we must learn. We can do this with ease or we can struggle. Again, another reason Theta Belief Work is so empowering.

Feeling Worthy

So let’s get back to being and feeling worthy. If we are holding on to any feelings, known or unknown about worthiness, we might not be able to manifest as quickly or intentionally as we could when we release those limiting feelings.

There are several ways to help release and replace those beliefs about being worthy.

First, you can meditate. Go within and focus on your heart center. Placing your hands over your heart also helps get you out of your head. Ask Spirit to show up in your heart space. Infuse this space with love and understanding. Ask that any limiting beliefs be released and then replaced with more empowering ones. Repeat as often as necessary.

Second, become conscious of when you have thoughts about being worthy. The easy ones to recognize are the thoughts that actually have, “Oh, I’m not worthy” in them. For example, “I’m not worthy of living in a big house,” is pretty easy to spot. However, thoughts such as, “I can’t have that or I can’t do that,” most likely have underlying beliefs about being worthy enough to be, have or do. When those thoughts come up, think to yourself, “Now that’s a ridiculous thought,” and let it go. Replace it with “Oh, I know I can have that or be that.” Have fun with it.

Third, Theta Belief work is a great way to let go of limiting thoughts. I’d be glad to have a session with you regarding your limiting beliefs. Just send me an email and we can begin the conversation.

I’m holding space for you, knowing that you are worthy to have the things you desire and to be you. You are uniquely beautiful and by divine birthright, you are worthy!


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