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Automatic Speaking – Have You Tried It?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Many have heard about automatic writing or automatic drawing, but automatic speaking is rarely mentioned. Automatic speaking is allowing words to flow through you without applying any conscious intention of what will be spoken. Many times when first practicing automatic speaking, grunts, groans and other noises start to come through the vocal cords. It may sound as if you are speaking in a different language. It can take practice just like tuning into a radio station frequency.

Speaking in tongues or glossolalia has been associated with religious worship and has been practiced by Pentecostal and charismatic Christians throughout the ages. It is believed that the speaker has reached a certain level of ecstasy. In the Bible it’s speaking in tongues is said to be a gift of the Holy Spirit. At times, a person can speak another language not consciously known to them, yet recognizable to others.

When automatic speech is received during scrying it is called trance speaking or phonetic automatism. All of the organs involved in speech, including the tongue and vocal cords are controlled by the unconscious mind.

Edgar Cayce was a trance medium. He would lay down and become relaxed. Right before falling asleep, he would go into a trance and would say, “They have the body.” When asked who or what he was communicating with he replied that it was the Akashic Records. Interestingly, he did not remember any of his sessions although he accurately diagnosed physical ailments and holistic remedies among other information.

Individuals who channel other entities are scrying using automatic speaking. It’s important to note that when automatic speaking occurs it can be another entity or information from the individual’s unconscious mind. Speaking from the unconscious mind is the most common and useful form of scrying.

When using automatic speaking as a form of scrying, it’s important to set up a recorder or use the app on your phone to capture what is said. Many times the individual doesn’t remember what was said during the session.

How to Achieve Automatic Speaking

  • Set up your sacred space. Turn on your recording device. Make sure the room is dimly lit and you are sitting comfortably. Set your intention to be open and receptive to information flowing in from the highest realms. Allow your eyes to close gently.

  • Chanting has been used over the ages as a way to quiet the mind and obtain a trance like state. Vocalization exercises can help relax the mind. Chanting a simple phrase out loud such as, “Om mani padme om.” Hold each syllable for as long as possible without straining or feeling out of breath. If naturally you start to slur the words or if the sounds start to change, do not worry and just continue chanting.

  • Another way to encourage automatic speaking is to visualize a beautiful light glowing in your throat around your vocal cords. Imagine this light is of a divine nature, spinning and twirling with energy of spirit. You can use visualization while chanting to optimize your desire to scry using automatic speaking. It’s important to note that practice is important. Not everyone can obtain a scrying state when practicing automatic speaking.

Enjoy the journey and the experience whatever it brings.

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